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There are THREE simple steps to reading your fortune:

  1. Analyze each card carefully.

Fortune Telling Cards have their meanings clearly written on the face of each card. Look for their inner meaning.

  1. Analyze the order of the cards in which they appear.

There are three simple card layouts which forecasts specific time frame information.

  • Yearly Forecast
  • Weekly Forecast
  • Daily Forecast
  1. Analyze the combination of the cards as they appear.

“Read Your Own Fortune” Cards enable you to quickly review the overall pattern and theme of your individual readings. Special card groupings and instant, easy to read cards give you an immediate overview of your past, present and future.


Step 1.Choose a fortune telling lay-out.

  • Yearly Forecast
  • Weekly Forecast
  • Daily Forecast

Step 2.Shuffle the 63 Cards –(as often as you like)

If specific information is desired regarding a certain aspect of your life, concentrate on a related question while shuffling your “Read Your Own Fortune” Cards. The cards will reveal general information if they are shuffled without a specific focus.

Step 3. Reading your Fortunes

Click on the cards in numerical order (for Weekly and Yearly Forecasts) as indicated in your chosen lay-out. Read each card carefully and concentrate on its meaning, taking into account its position in time before proceeding to the next card.

When you have finished opening all the cards in the order specified and have read each card individually, look at  the combination of the cards as an overview. Look for specific themes and messages.


This deck contains 63 Ancient Fortune Telling Cards already deciphered by professional psychics so you can read your own fortune.

  • 11 Money Cards
  • 10 Love Cards
  • 6 Male Cards
  • 6 Female Cards
  • 9 Chance (?) Cards
  • 21 Life’s Journey Cards


Don’t always take the cards at face value.

Look for the inner meaning of the card.

For example the ‘MARRIAGE” card may simply mean: Coming together of a partnership” as it says on the card. It could relate to a work relationship, a love relationship or a family relationship. Look for the inner meaning of the card.

A FEMALE or MALE card could relate to you or another person. Study the card carefully to see if any of the character traits (good or bad) are referring to you.

Usually when a character card appears in your reading you can quickly recognize to whom the card is referring to. You may find a certain card becomes “your card”. My card is “Ms. Success” What card is yours? I am always surprised to see it “pop up” in my readings. I always look at the cards surrounding it to see what or who is influencing me.

Sometimes we need reminding to walk away from negative influences. Remember the golden rule; 20% of people love you for who you are, 20% of people dislike you for who you are and 60% simply don’t care!

Access to the RULES is available while reading your fortune

Rules – Daily Forecast

One Card Read You choose only one card

You can shuffle the 63 card deck as often as you likebefore your start

Choose one card from the deck and read the meaning on the card.

If the card is positive – your actions and attitudes for the day are on a positive path and the outcome is in your favor.

If the card is negative – you should change your present attitude or situation in order to achieve a positive financial outcome for the day.

Rules – Weekly Forecast

Shuffle the 63 card deck as often as you like before your start

Begin your fortune with “Present Situation”

Choose tomorrow’s card and continue with the next six days of the week

Complete your fortune with “Outcome”

Study each card carefully

Card 1.This card represents either yourself or your present situation. This is your “focus” card for the following week’s activities, events and influences.

Card 2. Place the next card on the day of the week that represents the next 24 hours (e.g. if it is early in the morning on Monday, you should choose “Monday” for this card. If it is in the evening on the Monday, you should choose “Tuesday” for this card.)

Card 3,4,5,6,7 & 8.

Place the next six cards in order following the days of the week. Each day of the week is represented by a “focus” card. The daily cards represent situations, attitudes, actions or events that will affect you over the next week. If a negative card appears in the spread, you need to focus on a way to change your attitude or situation in order to convert the negative to a positive.

Card 9. This card is the weekly outcome. If you proceed on your chosen path, your outcome by the end of the week is represented by this card.

Rules – Yearly Forecast

Shuffle the 63 card deck as often as you like before your start

Concentrate on what questions you have about your future. Click on fortune telling cards in numerical order (Cards will flash to direct you to the next card)
Study each card carefully

Card 1.This card indicates your present situation.

Card 2. This card represents what is surrounding you now. More clarity will emerge by interpreting the rest of the spread. This card will only be viewed as a warning if it is negative.

Card 3. Look carefully at this card – you will be able to relate it to a situation or influence that has affected you in your immediate past or is still continuing to influence you.

Card 4.This card should be read together with Card 3. Both cards merge to represent your past and present.

Card 5. Study this card carefully. Look for the message. It represents what is about to happen in your immediate future.

Card 6. Take the meaning of this card and add Card 5’s meaning to the message. The combination of both cards represents influences or situations that will be entering your life within the immediate future.

Card 7 & 8 These cards denote a “turn of events” usually occurring within 3-4 months. Note that information gathered from Cards 2 through 6 can help you alter the “turn of events” to attain your wish or goal if properly interpreted, understood and acted upon.

Card 9 & 10 These cards directly relate to Cards 7 & 8. You will gain insight into what will happen, as influences are now determined. If negative cards appear in these positions, you need to focus on ways to change predetermined patterns, attitudes or situations in order to convert the negative to a positive.

Card 11,12,13,14 & 15

These cards give more insight and clarity to the overall reading. If read separately or together, they offer a more in-depth summary of the previous cards.

Card 33 This card can be read as an overview of your reading or can be read as a single card reading. For example, this card may represent an attitude, relationship or situation that is, or will be, affecting your life.

It may also represent an action that you need to take to ensure success in the future. Read this card separately from the other cards. This is a full reading in one card.

For any number of players

Age: Adult

This game has been created with the assistance of professional psychics, fortune tellers and astrologers using safe fortune telling methodologies.

“Disclaimer. For entertainment purposes only “

Read Your Own Fortune

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