Kate, The Netherlands

“I have been ‘playing’ Leonie’s fortune telling game for 20 years, since it was a board game. I am not a suspicious person, or even spiritual, but I am blown away every time by it’s accuracy, insight and understanding of my situation.
There is something very special about it. I find it a wonderful tool, for thinking through life’s challenges and opportunities, and it helps me to think about ways forward, and look forward to the path ahead!
It is a great way of connecting with friends and relatives, – t’s fun to do the fortune telling together, or for each other, talking though all the issues in a person’s life. Doing a reading livens up a dinner party, or a coffee date and helps people to understand each other’s paths.
I am so excited that it is now available in digital form, so that more people can have this joy in their lives! Great to share on social media, too.’